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Bespoke clerical attire for the discerning cleric...

Whether it's a new alb or cotta; a bespoke latin or spanish biretta; a soutane or cassock, a saturno, or simply a linen collar and a set of studs, UK Vestments will be delighted to provide for you. We offer an extensive range from 'off the peg' to bespoke items, many of which are exclusive to us. New products are constantly being added.

We are a small christian family business with many years of experience in the Church. This means we understand the sartorial needs of the clergy. Our tailors and seamstresses work tirelessly to create items of distinction, and because we operate entirely online from our London office, our prices are often a fraction of those of our competitors.

Please note, we do not operate a physical shop or showroom.

If you cannot see what you want on these pages, please ask. We always make time to answer questions!

I look forward to serving you.

Daina Jones and the Team at
UK Vestments, London


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